what is consociata?

Behind the name

The name Consociata is derived from the Latin word “consociare”, which means “to associate or unite.” How we select and choose to act upon the different ideas and people that we bring into association with ourselves and others forms the basis of great projects, organizations, companies, and movements.


LEAD WITH YOU. Because you - and your choices - are what has the potential to elevate your positive impact in business and in life.    


My clients are people who want to be catalysts in helping their organizations and communities innovate and flourish.   They are leaders who are interested in ensuring that their organizations have the resilience to evolve as they grow.

I help leaders become more aware of their influence and impact, so that they are more effective in creating the type of environment that maximizes the best from their teams.

I believe that organizations who are able to leverage the fullness of the life talents of their staff and stakeholders will deepen their own capacity to thrive.

I am committed to collaborating with you, your organization, and your people to achieve your - and their - fullest and best operational potential.

Meet Janet Andrews

I bring a passion and wealth of experience for helping my clients build the capacity of their leadership toolbox and maximize their leadership experience.

As a coach and consultant, I will encourage you and your organizations to leverage both left and right-brain talents; move towards a comfortable discomfort; be open to dissonance; and connect different dots.

I am committed to the following philosophies:

  • Promoting systemic thinking

  • Being possibility driven

  • Fostering awareness and authenticity

  • Building capacity and resilience for long-term results

Coaching Credentials

Professional Career

    My most rewarding experiences in my 20+ years as a business consultant and executive have been those opportunities to create, for myself and others, work environments where I, my teams, and my clients can achieve the good we set out to do AND that we enjoy working in. 

    My coaching draws upon:  

    • the broad perspective that my consulting work has afforded me ...software design, technology implementations, business process improvements, organizational redesign, high-impact strategy....across a variety of sectors health, financial, research, energy, government, etc.
    • my experience working with leaders, ranging from project managers to CxOs, on changes they wished to effect in their organizations, 
    • my own leadership experiences - my successes and failures - in taking on senior leadership positions, and
    • lessons learned from the many mentors who have helped and continue to help me navigate my professional journey.